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Immerse yourself in the comforting embrace of the limited edition Fall Reserve wood wick candle, a creation of Luxe Intuition that captures the essence of sitting by a crackling fire, cocooned in a cashmere blanket, and savoring a glass of the finest bourbon over ice. This candle, imbued with the aroma of smoky charred wood and enhanced by smooth vanilla absolute, emanates an atmosphere of lavishness and repose.  Infused with luxurious & warm accords of:

  • Initial Notes: Matured Bourbon, Luxurious Plum, Saffron, Supple Suede
  • Heart Notes: Vanilla Absolute, Smoldering Charred Oud, Sandalwood
  • Base Notes: Patchouli, Musk

Small batch and hand-poured in the USA, this luxury wooden wick candle houses an authentic creamy coco-apricot wax-dipped with a 100% natural wood wick, giving a modern aesthetic that will ensure the cleanest and purest burn.  Infused with only the highest grade essential oils and luxury fragrance blends worldwide, guiding you on a gratifying sensory journey.  As the smart, beautiful being you are so well known for, you must remember to trim the wick and read the warning label.  ***Please allow "up to" 1-2 weeks of shipping time for your luxury candles.***