Immerse yourself in a gratifying sensory journey when you light one of our ethically made artisan wood wick candles.  Each of our candles are made in small batches created in Littleton, Colorado with the eco-conscious babe in mind.  When choosing our ingredients for our high end candles and natural wax melts, luxury and eco-conscious were at the top of our list to offer you the best candles for your home.  Our wax is a toxin-free high-grade sustainable coco-apricot wax.  This wax is considered a luxury wax among top chandelers and is 80% cleaner than soy wax.  We use an all-natural wooden wick, sourced from FSC-certified mills and are USA made.  Our scents are a complex blend of sophisticated fragrance oils and high-grade essential oils sourced from raw materials around the world.  Our luxury scents are toxin-free, meaning free of phthalates, parabens, and compliant with IFRA standards.  Each of our custom blended hand-poured wick candles are carefully tested to ensure not only the most pleasing scents but also a pure and safe burn time of approximately 80 hours with our 12 oz candles.