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Hayride Wood Wick Candle 12 oz
Fall Reserve Wood Wick Candle 12 oz
Autumn Sunday Wood Wick Candle 12 oz
Honey Pie Wood Wick Candle 12 oz

Warm Up To This Seasons Coziest Fall Scented Wood Wick Candles

Embark with us on an immersive expedition, as we delve into four upcoming enchanting fragrances and the wellsprings of inspiration that lie behind each of these limited edition autumn candles.

Create the best place to be this Fall with our Fall Reserve Wood Wick Candle Collection.

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Luxe Intuition Is Now Offering Wood Wick Candle Making Classes!

Looking for a unique and memorable experience? Consider hosting a Luxe Intuition wood wick candle making party. Gather your friends and loved ones for an interactive and creative event where you can create your own custom candles. During the candle making party, you and your guests will have the opportunity to select your favorite fragrance oils and pour your own candles.

Under the guidance of Luxe Intuition's expert candle makers, you'll learn the art of candle making while creating personalized scented candles that reflect your unique style. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply looking for a fun and engaging activity, a Luxe Intuition candle making party is sure to leave lasting memories. 

Don't have the space?  We have one upcoming event already planned in September!  Spaces are extremely limited so reserve today and plan an evening to remember!