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Immerse yourself in a gratifying sensory journey without the flame.  Luxury scented coconut wax beads are elevated natural wax melts perfect for people who rent or businesses that aren't able to light a candle.  


  • Coconut Wax - A sustainable and organic wax choice to provide the cleanest and purest quality wax.
  • Scent - Moonlit Zen - This is the same scent as our Moonlit Zen Candle.  View description here 


Pour wax beads into your favorite wax melter to fill any space with your favorite luxury home scent.

All of our wax melts are made in small batches.  Our coconut wax blend is Infused with only the highest-grade essential oils and luxury fragrance blends worldwide, guiding you on a gratifying sensory journey.  As the smart, beautiful being you are, please do not leave your wax warmer unattended, and keep it out of reach of children and animals.  ***Please allow "up to" 1-2 weeks of shipping time for your luxury wax melts.***