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Rediscover a winter candle favorite, Winter's Kiss a beautifully balanced medley of scents that envelops you in the very essence of the season. This enchanting limited edition wood wick candle opens with lively top notes of zesty Lemon Rind and delicate Lemon Flower, followed by a heart brimming with White Rose and the cooling aroma of Blue Spruce. Its base is a rich blend of Patchouli, Canadian Fir Needle, and Sandalwood, imparting a cozy, winter wonderland ambiance to your space. It's the ideal selection for creating a warm and inviting spirit of winter in your surroundings.  This 16 oz coconut wax candle is housed in a glossy red geo cut glass vessel with a gold accent rim.

Small batch and hand-poured in the USA, this luxury wooden wick candle houses an authentic creamy coco-apricot wax-dipped with a 100% natural wood wick, giving a modern aesthetic that will ensure the cleanest and purest burn.  Infused with only the highest grade essential oils and luxury fragrance blends worldwide, guiding you on a gratifying sensory journey.  As the smart, beautiful being you are so well known for, you must remember to trim the wick and read the warning label.    ***Please allow "up to" 1-2 weeks of shipping time for your luxury candles.***