5 Ways To Start Living Sustainably Today

It's no secret we are living in a time where mother nature is asking for our help almost daily to protect what we have so graciously claimed ours. When we start understanding we are merely guests here, we start appreciating what has been offered to us. Living sustainably can sound a bit daunting at first but there are ways to ease into this beautiful way of living. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was living sustainably. Mindset is key. Telling yourself over and over it's too hard to do this...well then, it will be.  


In the words of Merriam-Webster 

1capable of being sustained

2aof, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged.

bof or relating to a lifestyle involving the use of sustainable methods


Start with Homebase. What needs to change?

Once you start looking around your home and diving into all the possibilities, I suggest taking it slow. Go into this with an open mind but, if 5 things seem overwhelming, start with 1. Be gentle with yourself in making these changes. We promise we won't judge. Don't start throwing things away, this just adds to the problem. Use them to their max capacity and if possible, recycle. Then, replace that item with a sustainable alternative. We are definitely in the process of living a more sustainable life as well, so we are with you in these small steps that create big change. We encourage you to focus on what you can control and what you can commit to. New habits require the commitment to show up and be consistent. Once you start implementing these habits daily it becomes second nature and is now your lifestyle and not just a trend. 


For the sake of time and energy today, let's start in the kitchen.   

1. Reusable Food Wraps + Zip Lock Bags 

The list of single-use plastics is extraordinarily long and it's time to end that relationship. We're just not that into you anymore. It's not me, it's you.

  • Instead, opt for silicone lids that stretch over your dish. These are an excellent way to preserve the freshness of your food.  
  • Vegan Wraps crafted with plant-based waxes and oils also can be molded over your products. 
  • Silicone zip lock bags.  

All of these can be washed and reused over and over.

2. Reuseable Coffee Filters

According to research done by Halo, every minute about 39,000 capsules are made worldwide, while 29,000 are dumped in landfill sites. This is equivalent to around 20 billion capsules produced each year and 15 billion capsules thrown away in nature

  • 1 single hemp or cotton based coffee filter can last up to a year

3. Cleaning Brushes and Sponges

Those green and yellow sponges you have been using, and your mom has been using, and your grandma has been using for so many years are made of plastic. You are accidentally washing down tiny plastic particles down the drain into the sea. These tiny particles absorb many toxic pesticides that aren't able to be 100% filtered out. Who do you think eats those microplastics filled with toxic pesticides? Fish. Who eats fish? A lot of people. Enough to curb your appetite, right?

  • Sustainable wooden brushes with bristles made of sisal, a thick plant-based fiber can attack all of those pesky hard to remove food pieces.
  • Hemp sponges offer tightly woven hemp fabric to clean with ease.
  • A coconut scourer, made with a special fiber from the coconut known as the coir. This is an excellent option for pots and pans that will not scratch.  

4. Zero-Waste Dish Soap

  • Refill. Scope out local refill stores that supply cleaning products, bring in your bottle, and refill it with all-natural dish soap. This avoids rebuying a new plastic bottle.
  • Solid Soap Blocks. Meant for dishes of course. Squeaky clean every single time and biodegradable. Once it's gone, it's gone. Nothing to throw away. Yay!

5. Compostable Garbage Bags  

  • Constructed of plant starches and compostable polymers that replace non-sustainable plastic trash bags.
  • Not to be confused with degradable bags popping up everywhere in stores. Look for the words compostable garbage bag.

By cultivating these mindful habits, you stand to gain so much reward by the contributions you are now making to keep our planet clean. Go you!

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