The Owner

Hi everyone! My name is Alyssa, owner and creator of the Luxe Intuition Candle Line. I have a passion for all things beautiful inside and out. My career has mainly been in the esthetics world as an esthetician for the past 20+ years. Having a love for ingredients and using only the purest ingredients on my clients, I knew creating my candle line would have to follow suit.

This candle creation journey began when the pandemic shut the world and the beauty industry down for months. I was sitting at home binging a series of Good Girls on Netflix and just felt blah. I am not the type to sit at home and stare at the tv for hours on end. My mind just doesn't work that way. I had started dabbling in making candles at home to pass the time and just fell in love.

I have always had a love for wood wick candles enjoying the crackling ambiance the burning wood wick creates, also having a passion for essential oils and fine fragrances. I went down the rabbit hole of exploring the finest ingredients. Knowing there are a ton of candles on the market that are plain toxic and full of unnecessary ingredients, I was determined to produce the most clean burning luxury wooden wick candle line. If I am not going to feel comfortable burning it, I surely will not want my customers to burn it either. I hope you enjoy my luxury wooden wick candles and natural wax melts as much as I do!

Who are we?

The Luxe Intuition Wood Wick Candle Experience

"Spread light, be the candle."

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