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Modern Home Fragrance Without The Toxins

With a strong belief in sustainability and a love for the finer things in life we use only the best ingredients for the Luxe Intuition Candle Line to bring you luxury candles and luxury room & linen sprays for any occasion.  We have a core collection of artisan made wood wick candles along with room & linen sprays carefully thought out and tested to take your senses on a gratifying sensory journey around the world and will place you in moments that trigger a memory never forgotten.

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Luxury Candles That Transport You To A Place Of Olfactory Bliss

Inspired by nature, we provide you with the best wood wick candles and room & linen sprays with the most luxurious ingredients focusing on an eco-friendly and sustainable experience.

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The Smarter Wick Choice

Our non-coated and non-toxic wood wicks will give you that fresh crackling noise as if you were sitting by a fire anywhere. Each of our wood wick candles goes through rigorous hand testing with different size wooden wicks to ensure a properly wicked candle. You will notice a longer burning candle life with a lower smoldering flame.

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Eco-Friendly Matters

We aim to protect this beautiful place we call home. All of our packaging is either recycled or recyclable. We prefer to give you a quality product rather than focus on fancy non planet friendly packaging. From the reusable vessels to the water-activated packing tape to the plantable seed paper dust covers, you can shop with peace of mind knowing you are buying luxury high end candles and helping save the planet one sustainable wood wick candle at a time.

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