Aromatherapy Candles: Essential Oils


It’s truly astounding how powerful and influential our sense of smell can be to our overall well being. When you’re bedridden with a nasty cold, there’s nothing that warms your soul like the smell of grandma’s chicken noodle soup wafting from the kitchen. How about when your chest feels as if there is a fiery war waging within it? The soothing scent and icy sensation of Vicks VapoRub will surely do the trick of providing you much needed relief. So, why does what we smell have such an effect on how we feel both physically and emotionally? The truth is that this phenomenon has been studied for thousands of years, and not only that, but we have figured out ways to use it to our advantage. Take for example, aromatherapy - aromatherapy has been utilized for many things, including therapeutic, cosmetic, and spiritual purposes, for more than 6,000 years!


Aromatherapy is a holistic practice that seeks to implement the healing properties of essential oils to improve your quality of life. In fact, using essential oils has a number of health and mood benefits for just about anyone. At Luxe Intuition, our passion is not only making sustainable, luxury candles and wax melts, but also providing you helpful information that could enrich your day to day. Life is wonderful, but can be frantic. With the constant madness of juggling a multitude of tasks, it’s important to find ways to take care of yourself! Remember, even Superman had a weakness. Whatever your Kryptonite is, you have no need to worry because feeling better and rejuvenated doesn’t have to come at a high price or take up much of your time. Actually, it can be as easy as applying an oil to your temple or better yet, lighting a candle! Aren’t you just bursting with excitement to learn more?! Now that we have your undivided attention, let’s delve further into aromatherapy and the essential oils that make aromatherapy such a hit.


What Puts the Essential in Essential Oils?


Aromatherapy refers to the application of essential oils through skin absorption and your sense of smell. Special body oils, creams, candles, and diffusers can be used to introduce the essential oils into your system, depending on what you are most comfortable using. Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants that capture the plant’s scent and flavor, each of which is unique to the plant’s aromatic essence. This is why eucalyptus essential oils smell and act differently than rosemary essential oils; the oils themselves are characteristic of the plant they were distilled from. The application of aromatherapy is increasingly instrumental to us because it uses the medicinal attributes of essential oils to relax and subdue discomfort. The emotional, mental, and physical prosperity of those who use aromatherapy tends to advance as they grow progressively accustomed to the essential oils they enjoy. The already vast universe of aromatherapy is only expanding. To date, there are more than 90 essential oils for you to choose from in order to find the best aromatic fit for your lifestyle!


With so many essential oils to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming. Don’t panic! We can assure you that when you’ve finished reading this article, you will have a stronger understanding of essential oils and how they might be a solution to your particular situation. Like with any crucial decision, it’s always a great idea to do research beforehand, so allow us to be of service by highlighting some of our favorite essential oils and exploring their valuable effects:


• Lavender is one of the more popular and widely known essential oils. Most people use this subtle oil to relax and sleep, but lavender is equally useful in alleviating headaches.

• Rose is a saccharine, floral essential oil that has been shown to reduce anxiety. The rose essential oils contain antioxidants that treat acne, giving your face a younger look. Seriously, who doesn’t want to look younger? We bet the Kardashians have an endless supply of this beloved nectar of the gods.

• Ylang ylang offers a spicy and sweet aroma that has been associated with relaxation and confidence boosting. To boot, ylang ylang is found in a number of cosmetics and beauty products because of its gentle treatment of delicate skin and its positive effects on hair growth.

• Myrrh isn’t just one of the three gifts from the Wise Men. Most people use myrrh essential oils to combat acne and dry skin. It is likewise capable of treating that ever-elusive athlete’s foot, making it the ideal essential oil for the athlete always on the go!

• Cedarwood doesn’t just smell like a fancy log cabin tucked away in the magnificent mountains of Colorado. As a matter of fact, there are a number of beauty and health perks associated with cedarwood. Notably, it has the ability to fight acne, treat eczema, and even reduce the presence of dandruff. Cedarwood has been shown to diminish the effects of arthritis and relieve intense coughing bouts.


Essential oils do far more than smell absolutely breathtaking. As you can deduce, many essential oils have earned their fame and popularity by aiding countless people for centuries upon centuries. We all know about lavender because at one point or another, each of us has struggled with falling asleep and have needed to use it for a good night’s rest. No matter what generation you’re from, it’s highly likely you have heard mention of myrrh and frankincense, especially around the holidays. Aren’t you curious to see what all the fuss is about? Better yet, wouldn’t it be awesome to revamp how you feel daily and treat your nose to some sensational scents?


Luxe Intuition - Moonlit Zen and Eunoia Essential Oils

Here at Luxe Intuition our top priority is introducing you to the next great scent. What’s more, we believe in the integrated capabilities of aromatherapy and use carefully chosen essential oils from around the world in our candles and wax melts. By incorporating these high grade essential oils, we are able to fill your home, minds, and hearts with good vibes and positive energy. All you need to do is throw on some Bob Marley, and you’re all set.


We can’t talk about the amazing, curing qualities of essential oils without mentioning our own Moonlit Zen candles and wax melts. Using well-known essentials such as lavender,

rosemary, and eucalyptus, our Moonlit Zen blend is a great companion for those who struggle with relaxing or winding down after a hectic day. The comforting effects of lavender blend with the revitalizing aroma of rosemary to offer a blissful journey that you won’t want to come back from. Furthermore, it will assist in alleviating that headache and getting you back in tip-top shape. Our Moonlit Zen blend is certain to assist in getting rid of all that pent-up anxiety or frustration, instead filling your consciousness with ease and tranquility as you rise up from the depths of uncertainty. What are you waiting for? Grab your yoga mat, take a deep inhale of Moonlit Zen, and unleash your inner Buddha!

Another blend worth mentioning is our Eunoia blend. Our Eunoia candles and wax melts are made with a beautiful selection of high grade essential oils such as cedar wood and patchouli from Indonesia. Being that we designed this blend to inspire creative thinking, the cedar wood assists in relieving your weary brain of stress while the patchouli inspires with its revitalizing aroma. Eunoia is the perfect blend for the poet or writer who needs inspiration from time to time and will refresh and reinvigorate even the dustiest of offices. No more waiting for the next great story to find you: our Eunoia blend will embolden the story you have within. Leave your worries behind, because it’s your time to shine with Eunoia!


Until We Meet Again...


Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your busy schedule to read about aromatherapy and the remedial traits of essential oils. We hope that this blog has inspired you to reexamine the importance of essential oils and ponder how they might enhance and better your own experiences. We are constantly striving to refine our blends because we faithfully maintain that a proper aroma can alter your very outlook on what is happening around you. The stresses and anxieties we all feel can oftentimes be too difficult to see past, but we can assure you that the light at the end of the tunnel is not as far away as you think. We, all of us, are capable of and deserve to feel peace and serenity, so at Luxe Intuition, we’re forever aspiring to better ourselves

and our understanding of the healing properties of essential oils. If you are looking to lighten the pain from a specific ailment and you’re tired of paying tons of money for overly-expensive medication, aromatherapy can be a game changer. Does your mind need respite from its overworked state? Essential oils will transform your spirit and disposition. Take a minute to sit down, breathe in the delightful scent of Moonlit Zen or Eunoia, and feel yourself becoming lighter. We look forward to seeing you again! Have a fantastic, stressless day and don't forget to Join the Collective to receive up to date new releases, events, and exclusive savings!

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