Best Gifts 2021: Support Colorado Small Businesses


We’ve all seen the videos on YouTube and Facebook: a struggling mother finally saves up enough money to surprise her son with an iPad, an employer rewards a hardworking employee with a brand new car, and how can we forget all those heart-warming videos of children getting their first puppies? (We’re not crying, you are). It goes without saying that there is a certain level of magic that comes along with gift giving. In fact, there is something undeniably wholesome about seeing your loved one’s face light up with glee as they’re opening a special gift from you.


At Luxe Intuition, we believe in the magic of giving. With the constant stresses we all face daily, the world could use a bit more enchantment, right? That is why we are pleased to gift you with a breakdown of the best gift ideas of 2021 that will have all those wonderfully deserving people in your life smiling from ear to ear. Not only that, but our handy-dandy list features local Colorado businesses that work hard to yield high-quality products and services. So, if you’re looking for some gift inspiration and you value the importance of supporting small businesses from right here in your neck of the woods, you’re going to want to see what we have to offer in this article. Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, the holidays, or a recent engagement, our ultimate goal is to provide you with unique, thoughtful gift options that make a statement no matter the occasion.

Small Businesses Do It Better


As much as you might enjoy bestowing gifts upon your significant others, finding the perfect presents for them often proves to be a daunting task. Stores can be overcrowded, online shopping too overwhelming, products could turn out subpar, customer service can be a nightmare, and the list goes on. We know, your blood pressure is probably rising just thinking about it. Before you start breaking out in stress hives, allow us to put your mind at ease. We may not know the quantum mechanics of time travel or why the sky is blue, but what we do know is good products and good people. We’re sincerely excited to highlight businesses that you can trust and brands that don’t simply exist, but tell a story.


We’d like to invite you to accompany us on this journey, as we travel through Colorado and explore creative, reputable companies that are sure to make your gift searching a pleasurable experience. No need to grab your hiking boots, just keep reading with us.


1 - Sunglow Boho Boutique

Sunglow Boho, a boutique based in Denver, Colorado, offers a lovely variety of natural products for your health-conscious friends and family members. The year 2020 brought upon difficult, uncertain times for so many, but like a phoenix, Sunglow Boho arose from the ashes. Their skincare line is not only vegan, but Leaping Bunny certified to bring awareness and take a stand against cruel animal testing. As well as advocating for our furry, little friends, Sunglow Boho also prides themselves on being environmentally-friendly across all aspects of their business. Yes, even down to their packaging. If you are thinking that they are too good to be true, just wait until you check out their selection of luxury tea blends! Anybody would be delighted to receive their delicious Winter Cherry tea blend to help relax and unwind after a long, tiring day. Although Sunglow Boho’s products are remarkably affordable, you simply can’t put a price on care, quality, and compassion.


2 - ONEHOPE Winery


Would you believe us if we told you that a bottle of wine could change the world and make such an incredible difference in countless lives? Well, you’re in for a real treat (and we’re not just talking about the wine)! We recently had the pleasure of connecting with Kristy Howell, a fellow Colorado resident and dedicated member of the ONEHOPE family. ONEHOPE, a world-class Napa Valley winery, crafts award-winning wines that, ultimately, make an impact in both local and global causes alike. Their ONEHOPE Foundation has donated over $7 million to local non-profits and organizations that seek to enrich and empower the lives of others. Their wine subscription service allows subscribers to build their own 6/12 packs or shop their curated mixed

packs. Additionally, team members, like Kristy, are happy to help organize fundraising parties and wine socials that bring the community together. If you’re looking for a tasteful gift to share among friends and family, ONEHOPE is a grape (oops, we meant great) choice. Besides, nothing beats good company and fine wine!


3 - Willow + Tulaire Boutique


Imagine: artsy and chic meets #girlpower boutique! Now, imagine no more because Willow + Tulaire is going to be your new go-to spot for all things artisanal. Located in the heart of historic downtown Littleton, Colorado, this swanky shop has everything from Roaring Leopard rings to Locally crafted soap by Two Ravens. Seriously, does it get any cooler than that? Willow + Tulaire features artful apparel, home goods, and gifts designed by talented Colorado artisans, as well as other artisans from around the world. Helen and Alexis started out owning separate stores but, as fate would have it, they joined forces and quickly became the dynamic duo of Willow + Tulaire. Their love for art and design is the driving force behind all of their accomplishments, including being featured in Local Undercover. When it comes to shopping for fashionable friends or kinfolk, Willow + Tulaire is your dream design destination. Can’t make it over to their Littleton location? Don’t worry, you can purchase their products directly from their online shop.


The businesses we proudly presented and the eclectic mix of gift options we suggested are spectacular, but our adventure has not come to an end. In the spirit of giving, we have additional gift ideas that we are thrilled to reveal. Since we know you’re sitting on the edge of your seat, our Luxe Intuition luxury wood wick candles and wax melts are the golden ticket for wowing your pals and relatives.

Holiday Gift Ideas 2021


At Luxe Intuition, we handcraft a dazzling array of ethically sourced artisan wood wick candles and natural wax melts. Using the most luxurious ingredients, our candles and wax melts are eco-friendly and sustainable. With the holidays fast approaching, the names on your gift list

are more than likely stacking up. Luckily, we just recently launched our Winter Stroll Collection, and our Mini Luxe Tin Discovery Set, both of which will have you jingling all the way through your holiday shopping endeavors. This holiday season, give the gift of olfactory bliss and take your loved ones on a stimulating sleigh ride of smell with our festive featured gift options.

Luxe Intuition Winter Stroll Collection - Winters Kiss, Yuletide Toddy, and Boheme Cocoa


Do you remember being a child and reading your favorite fairytale where the soon-to-be princess is wandering through an enchanted forest? You would close your eyes and imagine the bluebirds chirping, the wind delicately flowing through the endless sea of pine trees, and the calming aromas of nature surrounding you and filling you with a sense of peace. Our limited edition Winters Kiss candle and wax melts bring that fairytale fantasy to life. This top seller is infused with luxury accords of lemon rind, blue spruce, white rose, and lemon flower, as well as earthy hints of Canadian fir needle, patchouli, and sandalwood. Chase your happily ever after by charming your dashing prince or beautiful princess with this captivating scent combination!


There’s a fresh blanket of snow on the ground, the branches are lashing against the living room windows, and you’re snuggled up inside next to the fireplace, sipping on a soothing hot toddy. Our limited edition Yuletide Toddy candle and wax melts are our delectable take on the traditional whiskey-inspired cocktail. This sophisticated scent profile begins with a fusion of Valencia orange and date puree, then elegantly shifts to a blend of pomegranate, tart cranberry, clove, and allspice. Let’s not forget to mention the grand finale of vanilla bean, cherry tree wood, and canela bark. Any classy lady or debonair gentleman would be jazzed to find this refined gift in their stocking this year. If you’re really feeling quirky, sneak in a few whiskey shooters to pair with their Yuletide Toddy candle or wax melts.


When Jack Frost has been nipping at your nose, there’s no remedy like a rich, piping hot cup of cocoa. For all you chocolate lovers, our limited edition Boheme Cocoa candle and wax melts are a seasonal must-have. Boheme Cocoa is a scented symphony of spiced chocolate and nutmeg, paired with exhilarating aromas of tart cranberry, clove, vanilla bean, star anise, and

cinnamon. Meticulously crafted with the holidays (and your sweet tooth) in mind, this fragrant mixture is the epitome of sugar, spice, and everything nice. Furthermore, the gentle citrus complements the aromatic notes of spice and decadent chocolate. Gifting someone you cherish with this custom blend will make them happier than Michael Bublé at a Christmas event. Most importantly, they’ll be able to satisfy their chocolate cravings without the hassle of counting calories.


Luxe Intuition Mini Luxe Tin Discovery Set

Even Santa would agree that this year’s holiday showstopper is our Mini Luxe Tin Discovery Set. This gift set allows you to choose (3) 3 oz mini candle tins with (3) different scents. The candles you can choose from are Moonlit Zen, Pure Luxe, The Sophisticate, Coastal Allure, Eunoia, and any from our winter collection. Our mini, yet mighty discovery set is a great way for you, your friends, and your family to discover and revel in our Luxe Intuition candle experience. We sympathize with the fact that having to decide on just one candle can be a challenge, especially when buying for others. For that reason, we wanted to extend a trio of choices! Our mini candle tins are fantastic for relaxing in a nice, warm bubble bath or setting the mood for an evening spent lounging and watching It’s a Wonderful Life. Moreover, your friends and family will love these adorable candles because they are travel size and ideal for taking along with them on their winter getaways to the Bahamas. All in all, our Mini Luxe Tin Discovery set is a gift solution that will impress. Forget having to go dashing through the snow to pick them up, because they can be bought online in a few quick clicks!


Gift with Pride and Purpose


Mother Teresa once said, “it’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving”. The best thing about gift giving is that no matter how big, small, expensive, or inexpensive, a gift that comes from the heart can be a powerful testament of your appreciation for your loved one. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about: showing gratitude and letting those closest to you know that you value them? Our hope in writing this blog is to supply resources and suggestions that will help you brighten someone’s day. Anyone can throw together a list and put

it up on the internet, but we took our time carefully searching for deserving businesses and amazing gift ideas that are truly worth discovering. The local businesses we featured have an extraordinary passion for what they do and it shows in the products and services they offer. While there’s nothing wrong with buying from large corporations, it’s so much more rewarding to support locally owned companies that strive to make a difference. Our Winter Stroll Collection candles and wax melts, along with our Mini Luxe Tin Discovery Set are sustainable, environmentally-safe holiday gifts that will bring the essence of the upcoming season right into your friend’s or family member’s home. Thank you for venturing with us and joining us as we reflected on the true meaning of giving. We wish you happy shopping, but above all, we wish you joy, love, and prosperity in the many years to come.

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