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It’s Fall, y’all! The leaves are changing, the air is just a bit more crisp, and it’s finally time to pull out those burnt orange and brown flannels that have been stored in the back of your closet since last Spring. ‘Tis the season for pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and lazy Sundays spent revelling in the cozy fall aesthetic you have anxiously waited all year for. If you’re here to find the answer to the vexing mystery of whether candy corn is actually delicious or not, you’re out of luck (we’re still trying to figure that one out ourselves). However, what we can offer is the perfect addition to your fall aesthetic collection. So turn down the football game you have blaring in the background and clean the sticky caramel apple residue off your fingers because you’re going to want to read this!


Let’s be real, ensuring your home's fall aesthetic is on point is a top priority, especially when you’re planning on having guests over for fun fall activities. Imagine you’re enjoying a steaming cup of hot cider, then you come to the realization that your home decor is lacking in fall pizzazz? We honestly can’t think of anything more terrifying. Well, aside from ghosts, ghouls and Facebook servers crashing. When friends and family arrive at your house for your annual apple bobbing and pumpkin carving contests, you want the atmosphere to be festive and inviting. Not only that, but you want them to be greeted with aromas that wrap them up like a warm hug on a brisk Autumn night. We know what you’re thinking - why not bake your signature hazelnut pecan pie? While nothing beats the smell of a homemade pastry baking in the oven, we have a much simpler solution that doesn’t require getting flour all over your vintage Addams Family sweatshirt - Candles! Not just any candle, but our Luxe Intuition luxury wood wick candles.


Shall we sniff around (pun intended) and find out more about why those delectable smells play such an integral part in impressing your guests?


The Power of Smell

Aromas are most closely associated with memory retention, meaning that certain smells will induce a pleasant feeling of nostalgia. Have you ever experienced this wonderful phenomenon? Maybe the smell of freshly cut grass takes you back to being a child and watching Saturday morning cartoons while your Mom and Dad worked out in the yard. This can be explained because smell and memory are linked through your brain’s anatomy. Super cool, right? In discovering this, you can discern that while your cute “Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice” pillows are a showstopper, having a breathtaking scent billowing throughout your house will be what is talked about and remembered for years to come. Here at Luxe Intuition, we believe in the power of smell and work hard to constantly develop scent combinations that will take you back to the happiest moments of your life. In fact, we want to introduce you to our limited edition candle, Autumn Sunday. Crafted from eco-friendly coconut-apricot wax and a 100% natural wood wick, Autumn Sunday is guaranteed to give your home the fall aesthetic you have been looking for. Our Autumn Sunday candle is housed in a gorgeous copper vessel that is modern and chic, not dated and bleak. Like so many of our candles, Autumn Sunday has multiple layers of fall-scented awesomeness. Fall has a lot of soul-warming smells, but we are confident that we’ve chosen the right ones. Now comes the best part where we break down each layer of Autumn Sunday in detail. Hope you’re as excited as we are!


Autumn Sunday - The Aroma of Fall


Fall is for family, friends, and getting in the festive spirit for the holidays to come. The leaves are falling and create a beautiful harmony of sounds as they dance across sidewalks and streets. Although the weather outside is far more cool and welcoming, the wafting scent of Autumn Sunday is an excellent excuse to stay inside, bundled up in a quilted blanket while binge watching your favorite Netflix series. The top layer of Autumn Sunday is filled with the aroma of blood orange and kumquat, two citrus fruits that invigorate and awaken the senses. The beginning of your Autumn Sunday journey focuses on the citric nature of these two fruits, but make no mistake, it is not overwhelming or too intense. We’ve found the unrivaled formula to date!


Following the blood orange and kumquat layer is a blend of fall spices, which will surely accommodate your fall aesthetic. A fusion of pumpkin, persimmon, clove, allspice, and ginger drifts from the second layer as you continue burning Autumn Sunday. Seriously, nothing says fall more than a collection of superbly paired aromatic spices. The lingering aroma of citrus perfectly combines with these spices to give you a candle that fills you with vivid memories of being back in your grandma’s kitchen.


The bottom layer of Autumn Sunday is jam-packed with the sweet smells of brown sugar, vanilla, and tobacco. If you thought the citrus and spice layers were delightful, just wait until you reach the end of this limited edition fall candle. Oh, what a treat awaits you! The brown sugar and vanilla compliment the woody aroma of tobacco so well that by the time the

flame flickers out, you’ll be longing for at least one more hour of that satisfying and eco-friendly adventure.


Fall Aesthetic for Your Home


If you’re a fall fanatic like us, you most likely realize how important it is to change your home decor to reflect the changing of the seasons. Any Suzy Homemaker knows that it wouldn’t make sense to keep your seashell-themed towel set hung up in the bathroom or to continue burning summer scented pineapple and papaya candles as the weather smoothly transitions from hot to cool. Autumn Sunday is a flawless fall candle because it embodies all that is memorable about this special season: frigid fall mornings met with sipping on vanilla lattes, afternoons spent scouring your local food markets for the ripest blood oranges, and evenings gathered with loved ones around a plate of soft, spiced sugar cookies as the Hocus Pocus rerun plays. The bottom line is that this handcrafted fall candle epitomizes fall marvelously and will have your senses doing the “Monster Mash” from sunup to sundown!


Autumn Sunday is a luxury wooden wick candle that presents a fresh, elevated take on the traditional pumpkin candle. After introducing Autumn Sunday into your home for the first time, you’ll have no idea why you ever settled on another scent as your official fall aroma. Your house is your comfort zone and your safe space to decompress from the chaos that surrounds your daily life. Doesn’t it make sense to have it look and smell as soothing as possible? Do yourself a favor: invest in our Autumn Sunday candle! It will greatly contribute to the fall aesthetic in your home and will have you daydreaming of sitting around the campfire, telling ghost stories as the crackling of the firewood breaks through the stillness of the night.


The Benefits of Coco-Apricot Wax


Most scented candles on the market today are made with paraffin wax or soy wax, both of which are more horrible than finding a little box of raisins in your trick or treat bag. Paraffin wax is a substance derived from petroleum and coal. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that the fumes that paraffin wax releases into your home could cause asthma and lung cancer! If that doesn’t give you the heebie jeebies, we’re not sure what will. The mass production of soy wax is destroying our rainforests and although it is publicized as sustainable, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Where is Jerry Springer when you need him? For more information on this alarming matter, please check out our blog on “Are Soy Candles Safe?”. If you’re growing tired of searching for ways to make your house smell fang-tastic without the risk of harming yourself or the environment around you, don’t fret. Now that you’ve found us, your days of

staring at the computer screen and doing strenuous research are over! Instead of taking the easy route and using soy and paraffin wax, we use the more eco-friendly coconut apricot wax to create our aroma candles. There are many benefits to coconut apricot wax. To name a few, coco-apricot wax is a reliable, sustainable resource that is non-toxic, vegan, and burns slower, so you get your money’s worth.


While soy and paraffin wax candles have been popular choices due to their easy accessibility at stores and shopping outlets, coconut apricot wax candles provide a safer and fresher alternative for the everyday candle enthusiast. Safety hasn’t always been the biggest concern when it comes to scented candles, but times are changing and incredibly intelligent people, like yourself, are finally understanding that what you choose to burn in your home truly matters. It’s becoming widely known that toxic chemicals in paraffin and soy wax are released into your space, which do exceedingly harmful damage to your respiratory health. Why sacrifice your health for a replaceable candle? Autumn Sunday and other candles from Luxe Intuition offer an eco-friendly burn while also satisfying your desire for an amazingly decadent smelling candle.


Trick or Treat Yo’Self!


Choosing the right decor and fall aesthetic for your home can be fun, but it can also be meticulous and challenging. In reading this blog, you’ve also deduced that the type of candle you buy affects your home, mood, and health. At Luxe Intuition, we have all of your fall aesthetic candle needs covered! Our limited edition luxury wood wick candle, Autumn Sunday, will have your home looking and smelling gourd-geous before the next full moon. Tired of the same, generic pumpkin scented candles that everyone else is burning in their homes? Want to have your guests howling for more? Your Autumn Sunday candle, and new fall favorite is only a few clicks away. Not only will we have it delivered to you spooky fast, but our packaging is absolutely boo-tiful. We care about your safety and we care about your satisfaction - Everything we brew, we brew it for you!

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