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Matte White

***All of our candles are hand-made in small batches to ensure the freshest & purest quality.  Please allow "up to" 1-2 weeks of shipping time for your luxury candles.***

This luxury wooden wick candle will enhance a well-balanced mind, and encourage beautiful thinking.  Ethically Made in Colorado, Eunoia is a complex blend of a rich resinous & smokey infusion with exotic luxury accords to uplift your senses of:

TOP: Camp Fire Smoke, Cardamom, Black Pepper
MIDDLE: Antique Leather, Incense, Sandalwood
BASE: Oud, Patchouli, Vanilla Amber

Contains Essential Oils of Cedarwood, Sumatra from Somalia, Pepper Seed, Black Pepper from India,
Juniperus Wood Tar, Cade from Spain, Olibanum from Somalia, Pogostemon Cablin, + Patchouli from Indonesia 

Small batch and hand-poured in the USA, this modern minimalist vessel houses a luxurious & sustainable coco-apricot wax, dipped with a 100% natural wood wick that will also ensure the cleanest and purest burn.  Our wood wick candles are Infused with only the highest grade essential oils and luxury fragrance blends sourced from around the world, guiding you on a gratifying sensory journey.  As the smart, beautiful being you are so well known for, you must not forget to trim the wick and read the warning label. ***Please allow up to 1-2 weeks processing time for your hand-poured luxury candles.***