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Welcome to the world of sensory bliss with our exquisite Under The Orange Tree wood wick candle. Immerse yourself in the captivating fusion of coconut apricot wax and a carefully curated blend of nature's finest essences.  Indulge your space in the harmonious symphony of scents – the sweet embrace of orange blossom, the invigorating burst of bitter orange, the earthy depth of angelica root, and the refreshing notes of juniper berry. Each inhalation transports you to a tranquil orchard under the warm glow of the sun.


  • Coconut apricot wax blend for a clean and sustainable burn, FREE of soy, palm, and paraffin wax.  No parabens or phthalates
  • Aromatic symphony featuring high-grade and custom blended vegan-friendly oils of orange blossom, bitter orange, angelica root, and juniper berry.
  • FSC-certified Wood wick for an ultra modern aesthetic and mesmerizing soothing crackling ambiance.
  • Housed in an elegant translucent green double wall glass vessel to complement any décor.

Ignite the enchantment with the Under The Orange Tree Wood Wick Candle – where nature's fragrant treasures meet the art of candlecraft. Elevate your moments, savor the ambiance, and let the captivating aroma linger. Embrace the magic today! 

Woman-Owned Business and Hand Crafted in Littleton, Colorado, this luxury wooden wick candle houses an authentic creamy coco-apricot wax-dipped with a 100% natural wood wick, giving a modern aesthetic that will ensure the cleanest and purest burn.  Infused with only the highest grade essential oils and luxury fragrance blends worldwide, guiding you on a gratifying sensory journey.  As the smart, beautiful being you are so well known for, you must remember to trim the wick and read the warning label.  ***Please allow "up to" 1-2 weeks of shipping time for your luxury candles.***