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Indulge in the opulence of Pure Luxe Room and Linen Spray, a testament to sustainable luxury crafted with vegan-friendly oils. Immerse yourself in the allure of its exquisite blend, awakening the senses with notes of orange marmalade, honey, clove, bourbon, and tobacco.

Elevate your space with the warm embrace of this carefully curated fragrance. The tangy sweetness of orange marmalade and honey entwines with the rich, spicy essence of clove, creating a captivating symphony for the senses. Intertwined with the comforting depth of bourbon and the sophisticated allure of tobacco, each spray transports you to a realm of pure indulgence and sophistication.

What sets this spray apart is its commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainability. The oils used are derived from vegan-friendly sources, meticulously selected to ensure an eco-conscious creation. By embracing these principles, Pure Luxe not only captivates with its aroma but also leaves a positive impact on the planet.

Imbue your surroundings with luxury and finesse effortlessly. Whether refreshing your living spaces or revitalizing your linens, this versatile spray adds an elegant touch to any environment. Embrace the essence of sustainable extravagance with Pure Luxe Room and Linen Spray – where sophistication meets conscious indulgence.

Directions: Spray 1-3 times in any room to enjoy hours of aromatic bliss.

Warning:  Do not ingest. Do not spray near the eyes or mouth.  Keep out of reach of children.

Woman owned business and hand crafted in Littleton, Colorado