Wellness & Relaxation:  A Holiday Gift Guide for the one who embodies a holistic approach to life, beauty, & well-being

 Gifting season is officially here & I have 5 wellness & relaxation gifts you can't pass up. These gifts are all carefully hand picked items from businesses that I have personally tried out and love.  I am hoping I am able to make gifting a little easier for the holistic person in your life this holiday season.


Moonstone Herbal Bath Soak

  1. Two Ravens Soap

Located in Littleton, Co. offering the finest handcrafted soaps, beard & body care. All products are made fresh & use ingredients that are not only good for the skin, but are also scented with beautiful oils inspired by nature.  One of my favorite products from Two Ravens Soap is their herbal bath soaks. Moonstone is one of their latest creations & a must try!  Herbal Bath soaks are a great way to unwind from a long day as the herbs & high grade essential oils used in bath soaks diffuse into the air creating a blissful aromatherapy experience while the salts help to alleviate muscle tension.  Shop online by clicking here or head over to their new store front in Littleton & be sure to tell them Luxe Intuition sent you!

Holiday Gift Bundle | Empress Tool Duo | Gua Sha Facial

     2.  Wildling

Wilding exists to support skin longevity & overall wellbeing with beauty & wellness solutions grounded in the connective force of plants, stones, & the cosmos. They share skincare, beauty tools, & wellness rituals with a strong foundation in Chinese medicine encompassing a holistic well-being.  One of  my favorite ways to step up my wellness game is to use a method called Gua Sha, a supreme wellness ritual for body & face.  Wilding offers a number of tools & skincare to help sculpt, reinvigorate, & release some of that holiday tension sometimes seen on the face after an abundance of holiday cookies & cakes.  Depuff this holiday season with their Empress Tool Duo, made of Bian stone, an amalgamate of 40+ minerals known for their healing properties. These tools are intentionally architected to enhance the practice of facial gua sha.  Not only is it great for draining excess facial tension, but you can also use Gua Sha for a full body tightening effect when used regularly.  Wildling offers a number of video tutorials to teach you how to use all these amazing tools too! ***USE CODE LUXE10 AT CHECKOUT TO RECEIVE 10% OFF!!*** (Luxe Intuition receives a commission from Wilding when you make a purchase).

Herbal Tincture | Peaceful Heart Tincture

    3.     Dancing Willow Herbs  

Located in Durango, Colorado Dancing Willow Herbs specializes in handcrafted herbal products to support wellness and earth connection since 1991.  No day can be the same & with November & December being the busiest & sometimes often the most stressful time of year.  Let's paint a picture really quick.  The mashed potatoes being mashed while little Harlow of 2 is standing on a chair near by to try and help & pulls at the cord almost knocking the whole bowl over, while little brother Tommy is a few feet away crawling over the cat and pulling its hair screaming in a laughter so high pitch that Sally next door on her patio bows her head with a slight grin thankful that time of young ones hanging on her has passed her.  Meanwhile, family from two states over are about to knock on the door any minute and the table that was supposed to be set last night for 15 still hasn't been set and the plates are still in the dishwasher for 2 days because last night you were up after the kiddos went to sleep finishing a project for work and forgot to empty it and then come to find out you actually forgot to turn it on. Sigh.  This is a made up story by the way, but you get the idea & maybe you have even experienced something similar.  One of my favorite products from Dancing Willow Herbs are their carefully crafted abundance herbal tinctures.  A few droppers full of a fan favorite Peaceful Heart, & those frayed nerves will be nothing but a ghost of Christmas past, easing the seasons stressors with herbs to help stop the next panic attack before it happens.  Shop online by clicking here or by heading into their store in Durango!  Be sure to tell them Luxe Intuition said hi, if you stop in! 

Scrap Neck Wrap | Clay | Herbal Neck Wrap  

    4.  Olive & Olde's

Olive & Olde's, a business of handmade eye pillows, meditation cushions, therapeutic body packs, & calming neck wraps, is ran by a dynamic husband & wife duo in Denver, Co. Their products are encased in a soft linen fabric with beautiful earthy tones showcased in each collection.  Last year I gifted their Scrap Neck Wraps & they were a hit!  These weighted neck wraps are beautifully made with a soft linen, & filled with lavender & millet.  This neck wrap will be sure to slow down the nervous system.  They smell soooooo good too!  This year I will most likely gift myself one of these babies, light a Luxe Intuition Candle, draw a bath filled with Moonstone Herbal Bath Soak from Two Ravens Soap and call it a day.  It's ok to gift yourself too ya know!  Don't forget about number 1, and that is you!  If number 1 doesn't have a self care plan,  everything else gets a little frazzled. 

Prana Candle | Wooden Wick Candle | Aromatherapy Candle

    5.  Luxe Intuition Wooden Wick Candles & Wax Melts    

Luxe Intuition Wooden Wick Candles & Wax Melts, a high end candle & wax melt business thoughtfully handcrafted focusing on sustainability and doing good for our planet.  We custom blend the finest ingredients sourced from raw materials that are vegan friendly, non toxic, paraben free, mutagen free while letting you experience an olfactory bliss of the highest grade essential oils & fragrance oils from around the world.  We use a coconut apricot blended wax that is 100% sustainable, organic, burns slower than a traditional soy or paraffin candle, and burns evenly down to the last burn.  Our wick of choice is an FSC certified wooden wick giving a soft crackling noise to help relax the mind.  We recommend purchasing the Prana Candle, an aromatherapy candle to enhance a relaxed well being this time of year.  Prana means breath or breath of life.  Whoever you gift this candle to, tell them to close their eyes, breathe in slowly, and envision all of the holiday stresses melting away.  This spa-like candle is custom infused with cooling peppermint, blue eucalyptus, creamy jasmine petals, grounded with warm woods. 

Ok!  That about wraps it up!  I hope this list of 5 wellness & relaxation products have inspired you to shop local & shop from businesses who care about your wellbeing!  And if you shop from us, be sure and add GIFT20 at checkout to receive 20% off of your purchase! 









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